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Thesis Real Estate agency operates in Greece with specialization in southern suburbs of Attica.

Years of experience in real estate branch in combination with the integrity we express to our clients, society and enviroment, THESiS’s associated have as "thesis" of principle to provide high quality services.

The purpose of this entrepreneurial activity, relating to purchases, rentals, loans as well as inducements, property valuations, studies, maintenance etc. is the development in the section of investment with respect to the notion of 'property'.

The key to any commercial transaction, is trust, which leads to a successful contract completion.

It is worth mentioning that through the website www.thisisthesis.gr, you will find information on real estate opportunities and significant buildings, which are responding to your request, for which you will be contacted via sms or e-mail,with a simple request. Furthermore we consider as duty to publish over of others: messages of ecology, solidarity and economics.

The Thesis associates with seriousness and joy anticipate to respond to your property demandings effectively.

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